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Announcement [click here]

On behalf of the combined Summit at Snoqualmie ski patrols, the Alpental Volunteer Ski Patrol (AVSP) will be presenting an NSP Outdoor Emergency Care Class, late summer/early fall of 2018. The hybrid class will be based on the 5th Edition of the NSP Outdoor Emergency Care manual and will utilize the associated Pearson/Brady Labs Outdoor Emergency Care on-line course.

Class Schedule (8/19/2018) [click here]

The class is scheduled for Mon, Aug 27th through Thu, Oct 18th. The evening sessions will occur on Mon and Thu, 06:30-10:00pm at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 8501 SE 40th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040. There will be two additional Saturday sessions at Snoqualmie Pass. Here is the preliminary OEC class schedule.

Class Supplies [click here]

Here is a list of supplies which will be used during the OEC class.

NSP OEC Manual and Online Class purchases [click here]

Here are some instructions from NSP on how to purchase the OEC Manual and On-Line Course.

NSP Training Release Form [click here]

All participants in any NSP event/training must sign a release form recognizing they personally accept the risk associated with participating in the event/training.

Sick / Not Sick [click here]

Here is a training video created by Bridgette Schram of the Snoqualmie Central Ski Patrol.

The very first topic we will be addressing in the upcoming OEC Class is "Patient Assessment". The term/concept of Sick/Not Sick is not included in OEC, but this video presents some very appropriate things to keep in mind as you first approach the scene/patient.

Sign Up to Help [click here]

For non-students, if you wish to help with the skills/hands on practice during class session or at the Practical FInal please sign up here.

NOTE: Students/Candidates are not required to and should not use this feature!

Student Registration for redman90948 [click here]

Here are Student Registration Instructions for the Pearson/Brady on-line class for Outdoor Emergency Care.

Welcome/Additional Information [click here]

Here is some additional information on the OEC Class.


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