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Saturday Night - 2/7/2015
Joe Edmark, Purple, SAT Night 2/7/15, I'll be in Utah for MRA Meeting.

Saturday - 2/14/2015
Please trade! I am out of town. Thanks for considering :)

Sunday - 4/5/2015
Please trade! My sister is flying in to SeaTac in the morning. Thanks for considering :)

Sunday - 5/10/2015
Please trade! I am scheduled to be on call at the hospital. Thanks for considering :)

Sunday - 3/1/2015
Is anyone willing to trade? I prefer to go to church on Sundays. Thanks for considering!

Saturday - 2/21/2015
I have a 50th anniversary party to go to. Can you help me out?

Saturday Night - 2/21/2015
Will be out of town. Let me know if you can help. Thank you!

Sunday - 3/1/2015
Can trade for another shift, preferably on Saturday. Will be out of town. Thank you.