7:32:56 AM Alpental Volunteer Ski Patrol Amazon had a huge booth dedicated to alexa at ces in las vegas last year.The company may have an even bigger presence this year. (Geekwire photo / nat levy) Get your best walking shoes ready, load up on the emergen-C, and pack extra batteries ¡ª it¡¯s time to go to ces. Geekwire will return to las vegas next week for the, tech¡¯s annual circus that attracted 175, 000 people last year and provides a glimpse into the devices and services we¡¯ll be using ¡ª and won¡¯t be using ¡ª in the future. Most of the wacky and ridiculous tech we come across on the epic ces show floor won¡¯t ever make it on store shelves.For example,; ;¡ª fun to look at and maybe try out, but not likely to hit the mainstream. And i just got a ces pitch in my inbox with this subject line:¡°Meet Your Future Humanoid Robot Yogi.¡± You get the idea. In an ironic moment, the lights went out on the ces show floor in 2018. (Geekwire photo / nat levy) Tech giants such as microsoft, google, apple, and others have increasingly opted to announce new products at their own private events, versus doing so at a place like ces. But ces still does provide a pulse on what tech trends are driving the industry forward. ¡°CES won¡¯t have every major gadget that will matter this year, but it is a place to see where the electronics industry is going, ¡± wrote in its preview. Some of the themes we¡¯ll be tracking this year include the 5g rollout;Smart home appliances;Transportation;And voice assistants.Both amazon and google have s to tout alexa and google assistant, and. ¡°We have a lot in store for CES this year, ¡± for Alexa, Alexa Auto, Fire TV, Dash Replenishment, Ring, and more. Amazon is one of several seattle-Area tech companies that will be at the show.Microsoft has cut down its activity over the years ¡ª bill gates was once a mainstay at ces ¡ª though it is already touting some windows 10 pcs and other products debuting next week with partners such as and. Seattle startups will be in vegas, Too.Picnic, the up-And-Coming seattle company, is bringing its pizza-making robot To CES And. HaptX, which makes virtual reality gloves And robotics And, will be demoing its latest tech.Health tech startup sensoria will ¡°the first end-To-End knee replacement surgery experience.¡± As usual, there will be some big-Name speakers.Ivanka trump headlines one of the featured keynotes, ¡°, ¡± sharing her vision for ¡°technology¡¯s role in creating and enabling the workforce of Isharefashion.Com the future.¡± Her appearance. It¡¯s worth reading this maiden column about ces speaker choices by veteran tech analyst, and not only for its truths about women in tech.It¡¯s also a reminder that the owner of the giant tech show, is a highly political washington trade association. ¡ª Walt Mossberg(@waltmossberg) Other speakers include samsung¡¯s hs kim, transportation secretary elaine No Text chao, and delta ceo ed bastian. This year¡¯s event also comes as tech companies face more regulatory pressure and general criticism. ¡°CES is traditionally devoted to the worship of novel tech,¡± Ina Fried wrote in.¡°It will be fascinating to see how the show copes with today¡¯s changed environment, in which the public is increasingly interested not just in seeing new gadgets, but in how new products affect security, privacy and human rights.¡± If you¡¯re headed to ces, let us know!Email me at or. Stay Roller Skate Wheels tuned for more coverage ¡ª. More:Taylor soper is geekwire's managing editor, responsible for coordinating the newsroom, planning coverage, and editing stories.A native of portland, ore., and graduate of the University of Washington, he was previously a GeekWire staff reporter, covering beats including startups and sports technology.Follow him and email. Share17
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Alpental Volunteer Ski Patrol

Think Snow!

Think Snow

Ski Alpe d Huez, France plus Lyon

Jerry Fitz is organizing another European Ski Trip (click on title).
Ski Alpe d Huez, France plus Lyon
January 31 - February 11, 2020

Interested in What it Takes to Run a Toboggan?

Take a look at the video put together for the Alpental Toboggan Trainers. (click on the title)

Need Avalanche Practice/Training?

Do you know About "Beacon Park" at Alpental?

Beacon Park is a self directed transceiver search practice area near the Alpental Ski Resort. Bring your transceiver and probe (if you don't have a probe, fixed length probes are available). The park is East of, across the road from, the main Alpental Ski Area parking lot. A control box is located on a pole on the right hand side, about 25 feet uphill. The control box allows you to select easy, medium, and expert scenarios (e.g. single and multiple burials). When you find a victim with your probe (please no digging!), a light flashes and horn sounds at the control box. When you have found all the victims, the control box will tell you how long it took to find each victim.

Beacon Park at Alpental is funded and maintained by the Alpental B.A.R.K. organization (click on title or reference http://www.summitatsnoqualmie.com/Mountains/Safety/859/Backcountry-Safety). The park is open 7 days a week during the winter, dependent upon snow. The park is also used by the Forest Service, Kittitas and King County Rescue groups, Alpental Ski Patrol, and other professional guiding services.

In addition to self directed use by interested individuals and groups, classes are taught on companion rescue and good backcountry practices. The classes include: proper beacon, probe and shovel usage, practice two person burials (one meter deep), and simulated rescue (recovery in 15 minutes or less).

Come Join Us

Enjoy skiing, the outdoors, and helping the skiing public? Interested in Ski Patrolling? We're looking for candidates. Now is the time to start planning for next year. Click on "Join the Patrol" under "Main Menu" and learn about patrolling and the Alpental Ski Patrol.

Financial Support

The Alpental Volunteer Ski Patrol is a 501(c)3 organization. We accept charitable contributions in support of our mission to provide education and emergency services to the skiing public. Donations may be made to AVSP, PO Box 494, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


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